Concrete Cutting

Concrete Cutting Services Hamilton

Shand Contracting specialises in a number of services, from concrete sealing to excavation to concrete cutting. Here is our range of concrete cutting services in Hamilton.

Decorative Saw Cuts

Decorative saw cutting offers clients a variety of options to add aesthetic value to plain concrete. Patterns can be as general as a geometric grid to very fine and detailed work such as logos and images.

Saw cutting is normally done a week after pouring to achieve sharp edges without chipping. Colour can also be added to pair with decorative concrete cutting.

Trust our team to complete the project the way you want to. We bring the right tools and equipment, as well as a commitment to excellence and knowledge of the cutting processes and the industry.

Expansion Cuts

The process of cutting concrete can easily go wrong without the right professional help. Someone can either cut the joints too soon or the weather might interfere with the joints.

Our team of specialists are industry leader and know precisely what needs to be done. Concrete cutting is not only essential, but should be done at 30 times the depth of the concrete. Let us help you prevent the common problem of shrinking concrete and minimise the chances of random cracking by executing expansion cuts smoothly.

This process cannot be done immediately because it will end up chipping the edges. Normally, it is best to accomplish within 48 hours, depending on weather conditions.

Control cracking due to shrinkage with our professional help. From decorative saw cuts to expansion cuts, count on our team to deliver excellent service and value for your money.

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