Excavation Services in Hamilton

There’s more to laying a foundation than digging a hole and pouring cement in it. If there’s any part of a construction project that should be perfect, it should be the excavation. This is the process that determines the health of a building’s foundation a.k.a. the place it’s expected to stand on for good. It’s because of the gravity of this process that we now provide Hamilton excavation services to all of our clients.

Shand Contracting has approximately 25 years of experience in moulding and shaping concrete to fit the needs of all clients. This gives our team a unique skill set that enables them to properly assess the condition of a site and make recommendations as to the best way to begin the project. We use a two-sided approach to ensure the quality of our work, which our clients can check for themselves if they want to ensure that they are working with the best.

Concrete Experts

We ensure that every member of our team has the necessary skills and training needed to provide clients with the best advice and recommendations before we send them out into the field. This is our way of assuring everyone we work with that Shand Contracting keeps close watch over the work quality of our excavation services in Hamilton.

In addition to concrete mastery, the scope of our training includes safety, prep work, and equipment proficiency. The success of these programs is evidenced by our membership in the Master Concrete Placers Association.

Best Equipment

Even the best hands and minds need the right tools to get the job done right. This is why the Shand Contracting team uses only the best fleet of equipment for our Hamilton excavation services. We invest heavily in the maintenance of our machines to ensure that they perform effectively whenever they’re needed.

Don’t waste another minute and start your project with us. If you have any inquiries regarding our excavation, or any other service that we offer, contact us at our Hamilton office. We’re more than happy to hear and work with you on any future projects.
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