Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete Services 
in Hamilton

Shand Contracting provides exposed aggregate for clients who want to reveal the true beauty of the concrete, while ensuring its longevity and sustainability. Protect your concrete from tyre marks and other forms of wear with exposed aggregate concrete.

Concrete with an exposed aggregate finish is durable and skid-resistant. This special finish also allows clients and contractors to play around with the surface creatively, applying techniques such as stencilling, pattern stamping and decorative overlays. 

Other than the number of creative ways our team of specialists can work with exposed aggregate concrete, the exposed surface on its own is also already a sight of beauty. Exposed aggregate concrete reveals natural textures of miniscule stones like pebbles, shells or silicate.

Varied concrete companies supply us with exposed aggregate and although the names and brands are different, they are all originally from the same quarry. We offer samples for viewing at Bowers Brothers Concrete on Foreman Road.

Where to Use Exposed Aggregate

Exposed aggregate in concrete can be used on sidewalks and driveways for a more hardwearing surface, in patios and pool decks for a slip resistant and textured surface, and in outdoor entertainment or high-traffic areas for an attractive surface, as well.

Although ideal for most flatwork, exposed aggregate finish can also be applied vertically on concrete walls or tilt-up panels. Sealer is optional, but recommended. Colour can also be added to enhance the concrete further.

Learn more about the different options available by getting in touch with our team today. 
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