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Shand Contracting is the name to trust when it comes to concrete paving services in Hamilton, from excavation to concrete sealing. Here is a breakdown of the comprehensive range of products and services we offer:

Concrete is a powerful and dynamic tool. With the right set of professional eyes and hands, it can be crafted and sculpted into the perfect concrete solutions and designs, for utilitarian use for years and years to come. Lasting as good as it looks, concrete can suffer years of wear, tear and abuse, and is easily patched up for repair. We offer a diverse range of ways for you to create and craft concrete into a myriad of different important and useful structures: from everything to paths to patios, our team can create the lot, and are also highly skilled with preparation clean up and coloured concrete options. Check out our range of concrete services below! 

Excavation is very important in all concrete paving projects; it is vital to get the base solid enough to support your concrete to prevent subsidence later on. We can carry out all work required to achieve a good solid base.
Concrete excavation shovel

Vehicle Crossings 

We are on the preferred HCC Contractors list including construction of vehicle crossings. We will organise everything except the consent to complete your crossing to HCC specifications. It’s that easy. Just give us the go-ahead and we will be ready to go. 
Vehicle crossing construction

A diverse range of concrete services and options for tailored concrete solutions 

Plain Concrete

Although plain concrete is your least expensive option when it comes to concrete paving, we can still achieve a good look with the right finish. Sealers are not required for a plain concrete finish.

Plain concrete is a gorgeous and affordable option for those with a smaller budget. Our team can achieve a good look with the right finish, perfectly tailored to your needs and budget. Choose an optional concrete polish service to really bring out the fine contours and utilitarian colours. 
Plain concrete

Coloured Concrete

Coloured concrete has become very popular; it will enhance and complement your property’s concrete paving. There are many options to choose from, depending on the look you want. For example, if you want a more uniformed look to the colour, NZ Decorative Concrete would be the most consistent.

If you want a more mottled look, Peter Fell Ltd also has more pastel colours.

Another range of colours is supplied by Colourcrete, and we have colour samples for you to look at.
Coloured concrete

Acid Wash

We recommend Acid Washing and sealing of your brand new coloured concrete; it helps to: 
  • Bring out the colours of the concrete 
  • Protect the surface 
  • Make concrete easier to clean
  • Promotes high-grip, non-slip concrete
Acid wash concrete
Standard acid wash

Imprinted or Stamped Concrete

Imprinted concrete can give an authentic slate or stone look, simply by ingraining patterns into your concrete. Imprinting takes place before the concrete is hard. A secondary colour colourwash is applied after a few days to give an aged, authentic look. We have a selection of patterns available for you to choose from, or you can simply elect to design or commission your own! Brochures are available for you to peruse and choose the perfect imprinted concrete service. 
Imprinted or stamped concrete

Exposed Aggregate

Exposed Aggregate is supplied by the concrete companies, and although there are many different names for the stones, they often come from the same quarry. Exposed aggregate is extremely hardwearing and doesn’t allow the imprint of tyre marks. Colour can be added to the mix to enhance the look further. We recommend that you use a specialist concrete sealant to ensure your concrete stays secure. Current samples can be viewed at Bowers Brothers Concrete on Foreman Road or any other concrete supplier.
Exposed aggregate concrete

Decorative Saw Cuts 

Explore our range of decorative saw cutting services. Saw cutting is normally done two weeks after pouring to achieve sharp edges without chipping. Grouting ( if required ) is applied using a non-shrinking Sika grout, which can have colour added to match the concrete for an added touch of aesthetic beauty. 
Decorative saw cutting

Concrete Sealing

All coloured concrete or exposed aggregate should be sealed. The sealer stops the concrete from fading and makes cleaning much easier. Concrete should be acid washed and cleaned prior to sealing so the sealer bonds to the concrete, and we will also help to remove all the moisture from your concrete. Two coats of sealer are usually applied, normally both on the same day and our expert team will be sure to include a non-slip ingredient, as the sealer can be slippery when wet. Colour Booster Sealer is a sealer with a colour additive, ideal for freshening up old, tired looking concrete, or previously coloured concrete which has gone patchy.
Concrete sealing

Cobblestone Paving

Coming Soon

Explore our range of concrete services today! Call 027 472 1518.

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